Our Philosophy

To create quality, timeless architecture and lasting relationships.

Our Commitment

We’re proud of our approachable and collaborative working style while maintaining focus on details, budget and timely delivery of your project.

Our Focus

Our client focused engagement ensures relevant design specific to client needs. Fits organically with the environment both in design and the environment or surroundings.

We partner with our clients providing new construction, historic preservation restoration and renovation projects throughout Berkshire and Columbia counties. Our portfolio includes residential, commercial, lodging, education and special needs facilities.

Our early adoption of using green building materials and techniques helped to found the Berkshire chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council.

Meet the team

Pam SandlerPamela Sandler, AIA, LEED AP

Owner and Principal

You could say Pam was “born into the business” or born close to it. Pam’s father owned a firm that did contract office interiors, and he often shared his ideas and his love for design with her. When she wasn’t even into her teen years, Pam saw a picture of Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous “Fallingwater” in Pennsylvania immediately “fell in love!” She was the first girl in her high school to take a mechanical drawings class, and from there, her path was clearly set.

Pam’s philosophy has been to create beautiful, timeless architecture that brings joy to her clients. Her approachable style, her focus on detail and the timely delivery of projects have allowed her to forge true partnerships with her clients, many of whom return to her for years—and generations—to come.

For 30 years, Pam has worked diligently—while raising three sons!—to build her Stockbridge-based firm from the ground up. It has been her dream, quite literally, to be a small-town architect, and to know her clients (and their children and families) when she walks down the street, gets a coffee, attends a gala…wherever she is, she is a familiar face. In addition to her life as a mother and business owner, Pam is a dedicated CrossFitter and serves on many boards and committees including the Historic Preservation Commission in Stockbridge, Autism Connections and the Berkshire Autism initiative, the American Institute of Architects, and others. At the heart of her many commitments, is to be a mentor and supporter to young people in the community.

Pam holds a Masters of Architecture from Tulane University School of Architecture and completed the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business course in 2017. She is registered in three states, and on the cutting edge of ever-changing code and compliance regulations.

Francisco Ramirez, RA

A mechanical drafting class in high school introduced to Francisco the basic principles of drawing. The drawing assignments involved drawing objects as viewed from different angles and this allowed him to cultivate the ability to think three-dimensionally. Exploring architecture was a natural progression. After several years of working on different style buildings, Francisco discovered that his real passion was with residential work and creating beautiful living environments that directly impact how clients live and move in a private space.

After spending a good part of his career as a residential architect in NYC—he received his Bachelor of Architecture from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn—moving to the Berkshires allowed Francisco an exciting opportunity to explore the vernacular architecture.

He takes advantage of the outdoor fitness scene in the Berkshires, and since moving here, has become a dedicated runner, participating in several triathlons and endurance events.

He lives a “calm and simple life” with his wife and their Bassett hound, Hannah, who admittedly “sleeps more than any living creature should.”

Francisco is also a founding member of the Berkshire Multisport triathlon team.

Marcel Alvarez, Architectural Designer

Marcel has always taken more than a connoisseur’s interest in design and “how things work”. He studied graphic design and art history, discovering how art and architecture have connected throughout the centuries. This connection inspired him to switch his major in college and immerse himself completely in architectural design. Marcel simultaneously earned his Construction Supervisor License and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2013.

Marcel enjoys the ability to help clients make their ideas a reality. He welcomes every detail in understanding how a building comes together, including the nuances of the building codes and working through the intricacies that arise in projects.

Not surprisingly, Marcel loves visiting museums and taking in both the art and the architecture on view. He also is an avid tennis player and kayaker and can be found leaning over a puzzle or a chess board from time to time.

He is also a “bit of a political junkie” and makes frequent trips to Washington D.C. as well as travelling across the United States to explore and to spend time with his girlfriend and his friends.

Josh Mason, Architectural Designer

Josh decided he wanted to be an architect before he knew how to fully read. He would visit his cousin Carol’s house—which she designed herself—and was inspired by its contemporary style. He began drawing expansive spaces in his “spare time as a first grader” and would then try to recreate his designs using Legos. He still carries his passion for this process, working closely with clients from the concept to the build.

Josh is also passionate about music, and running, and is simultaneously training for a full marathon, while also picking up the guitar. (He already plays the piano.) He lives in quirky West Stockbridge with his cat, Kiwi, and has studied abroad (watercolor and, of course, architecture) in Rome and Siena.

Josh comes to the firm after receiving his Architecture Bachelor of Arts from the New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2018.

Rick Winsor, RA

Rick comes to the firm with decades of experience from working at high end residential firms in New York City and Columbia County, NY. Through this experience, he fosters a broad range of design possibilities and solutions which is critical to the success of the custom work provided in tailoring to the needs of Clients. He appreciates that Pam has created a uniquely creative and fun environment through her passion and enthusiasm for the profession and her warm, caring and exuberant personality.

Rick earned his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and Urban Studies from Denison University. He completed the program at the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies and continues to be an active member of the American Institute of Architects.

Erin Blaisdell, Office Manager

Erin is the proverbial grease in the wheel, and “does ALL the things” at Pam Sandler, AIA! She is a Berkshire native, and after spending some time living in (warmer) parts of the country—Southern California— Erin returned to her hometown of Lee, MA, to be closer to her family and to raise a family of her own. In addition to spending a lot of time with her son and husband, Erin has a passion for cooking, and cheering LOUDLY for any and all of the Boston sports teams!

She is currently enrolled in the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts, where she is working towards her degree in accounting.

Windup Toy Collection

When you visit the office, you’ll notice the seventh member of the team, the toy collection. Pam’s been collecting these since college and has always been fascinated with the way they move. When her sons were young, she kept a few in her purse to entertain them. Everyone at the office, and visitors old and young, enjoy their time with these kinetic masterpieces!