Pam Sandler, owner and principal of Pamela Sandler Architect LLC, designed and built her dream home with an all-women team during the height of the Covid 19 pandemic. Built in 1960, the original home was only 960 square feet but had a number of interesting architectural elements. Pam and her team gut-renovated and expanded the space to 1,700 square feet; her architectural design allowed the home to maintain the spirit of its mid-century modern origins, while enhancing its connection with the natural environment and incorporating green design elements.

The newly renovated dream property, where Pam resides year-round, is set atop a hill overlooking the beautiful Green River, in Great Barrington, MA. With a view of the rolling Berkshire fields and rustic farmland, Sandler’s dream home contains exquisite architectural details, natural lighting and an inviting, organic feel.

Pam Sandler Architects - working in Berkshire and Columbia county on residential and commercial projects